Mannequin wearing Double Minimalist Quarter Front View with package
Mannequin wearing Double Minimalist Quarter Front View
Mannequin wearing Double Minimalist Front View
Mannequin wearing Double Minimalist Side View
Mannequin wearing Double Minimalist Quarter Rear View Right
Mannequin Wearing Double Minimalist Quarter Rear View Left
Mannequin wearing Minimalist Double Rear View
Minimalist Double Hernia Belt
Mannequin wearing Double Minimalist Quarter Front View with package

Minimalist Double Hernia Belt

Comfort Truss
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We recommend rotating between three belts so that you always have a clean dry one to wear.

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The Comfort-Truss Minimalist Double Side Hernia Belt is the most comfortable, form fitting, minimalist hernia belt design on the market. With it’s sleek lines, low profile, and ultra soft, stretchy, yet supportive fabric, it will move with your body and support your bilateral hernias no matter what your activity, all while giving you the secure feeling you need to blast through your activities without having your hernias at the forefront of your thoughts.

It was designed by George Hirst, a true minimalist, and someone who actually used the Minimalist every day to continue living his active lifestyle while having an inguinal hernia. This means there is nothing unnecessary in this design. Just the bare bones essentials for those who are not willing to sit back and let their lives pass them by because of their inguinal hernia. 

Designed to be worn directly against the skin under your underwear so that you never have to take it off to use the restroom. 

Best for minimally symptomatic reducible inguinal hernias on both sides. 

Hernia Truss Features:

  • Minimalist design
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Fully adjustable. The entire outside layer of the fabric is the loop side of the velcro which makes for unlimited adjustability
  • Super flexible – Yoga anyone?
  • Extremely form-fitting
  • Sits low on the waist so you can wear it under any clothing without it sticking up above your waistband
  • Open top pad pocket to customize pressure with interchangeable front pads (sold separately here)
  • Waterproof closed-cell foam padding will not absorb moisture
  • A perfectly sized leg strap will not dig in

  • Ultra thin, light weight, extremely flexible, breathable, and supportive 3mm fabric 
  • Inconspicuous under clothing
  • Unlimited adjustability 
  • Flat, flexible 1/4” pad interchangeable with optional thicker pads (sold separately)
  • No metal buckles = no embarrassing airport security shakedowns
  • Leave in place while using the toilet for both #1+2
  • Designed to be worn directly against the skin with a rash free inner layer

Hand wash in luke warm water with mild detergent. Squeeze out excess water. Hang dry out of direct sunlight.

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Minimalist double side hernia belt in hands next to text with key features Minimalist double side hernia belt in hands above text with key features
Hand showing minimalist hernia belt is fully adjustable

The entire outside layer of fabric is the loop side (fuzzy side) of the velcro, which means you can stick the waist and leg straps on anywhere you want for literally unlimited adjustability.


Not enough pressure on the hernia? Swap out the 1/4” pad with our optional 3/8” or 1/2” thick pad (sold separately) for a customized fit.

Hand holding 3 different pad sizes for the minimalist hernia belt
Minimalist double side hernia belt in hands

Constructed from a single piece of breathable neoprene with a rash-proof inner layer and no seams except to hold on the pad pocket and the velcro. This means an incredibly comfortable hernia truss with no chafing, which moves with your body no matter what you're doing. There are also no metal buckles or loops so you won't have any embarrassing incidents at airport security!

Designed by an avid surfer and all-around active person so that it stays where it’s supposed to — no matter what your activity


Comfort-Truss is designed for reducible inguinal hernias only.

This really comes down to personal preference. For me (George) personally I only wear the single side because I really do not like having to wear anything “extra” than what is absolutely necessary, but there are plenty of people who think along these lines and wear a double even though they only have a hernia on one side. It definitely will not hurt to do it that way. Just keep in mind that the double belt is a bit more bulky because of the extra leg strap and the wider pad in the front to cover both sides.

Yes, it was deigned to be worn under your underwear against the skin. This will give the best support, and also allow you to keep it on at all times throughout the day, even while using the toilet.

View our instructions page for info about how to correctly put on and take off the Comfort-Truss.

The Comfort-Truss holds minimalism at the forefront of it's design characteristics. Although it works well for most people who use it (as seen in our product reviews), there is a small percentage of people who's hernias are too far advanced, or that have too much internal pressure for the minimalist design of the Comfort-Truss to work effectively. Therefore, we feel it would be misleading to say that it will absolutely work for everyone that uses it, and we do not offer a guarantee on our products.

We do not recommend wearing the Comfort-Truss while sleeping.

Yes, it will. There have been numerous 5 star reviews left by females that you can find by looking through the product reviews.