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We recommend at least 3 trusses if you are in and out of the water a lot, work out during the day, or work outside and get sweaty, so that you can always have a dry, clean hernia support.
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About Comfort-Truss

The Comfort-Truss hernia belt (patent pending) is designed to be a super comfortable and low profile option to the big, bulky and uncomfortable hernia belts on the market. Designed for people with active lifestyles that suffer from a reducible inguinal hernia on either the right, left, or both sides.

Comfort-Truss is made from a special fabric that is super flexible, comfortable against the skin, and is completely breathable. Your skin will not feel hot under the fabric even when wearing it all day long.

The leg strap is thin enough to not feel too bulky, but thick enough so that it doesn’t dig into your skin, and it rides perfectly along the crease between your hamstring and butt cheek.

It is designed to be worn directly against the skin under your underwear, surf trunks, or even a speedo, and you will barely know it’s there.

The front pad is flat and puts the perfect amount of pressure against the inguinal hernia to hold it in place, but not uncomfortably push on it as with many hernia belts on the market.

Do not let your inguinal hernia slow you down! This hernia truss will give you the confidence to participate in all your favorite activities, to take your shirt off without feeling self conscious, and live your life the way want without limitations.

The comfort-truss can be worn in or out of the water.

Comfort-Truss hernia belt is great for: Walking, RunningBiking, Swimming, SurfingKayaking, Padleboarding, FishingBaseballLacrosse, Rowing, Tennis, Cross-fit, Horseback Riding, HikingGardening, Water Skiing, Snow SkiingSnowboarding, Motocross, Hunting, and any other activity on land or in the water.

Designed For Active People

All Weather Comfort

Super Flexible Fabric

Rash Free Inner Layer

Wear All Day Every Day

Goes Undetected At The Airport

Single Seam Construction

Completely Breathable Fabric

Low Profile

Use on Land or Water

Fully Hook and Loop Adjustable Straps

Lightweight, Minimalist Design

What Do Customers Say About Comfort-Truss Hernia Belt?

…I’ve had a small inguinal hernia on my left side for a year or two. I didn’t even know what it was at first, lol. I have tried several hernia trusses, one of which I bought overseas. They were bulky, uncomfortable and expensive! However, George’s Comfort-Truss fits great, is adjustable, washable, dries easily and provides great support. Get two or three for the price of one from some other company. Listen to George. He knows what he’s talking about!

Walter D.

Before the comfort-truss, I used to use a hernia belt that I found at the drug store. My hernia was only on one side, but they only sold double sided hernia trusses. I ended up taking a pair of scissors to it and cutting one side off to try and make it more comfortable, but it didn’t work.

The curved pad was really digging into the hernia, so I took a knife to the pad, and shaved it down to make it flat. It still wasn’t working as I’d hoped.

I work in the construction field, so I am up and moving around all day, lifting, pulling, and hammering. The drug store hernia belt just wouldn’t stay where it needed to be for me to feel confident that my hernia would be held in place.

Then I found the Comfort-Truss. From the moment I put it on I knew that this thing would be comfortable to wear all day long. It’s so stretchy and moves with your body so well, but still puts a good amount of pressure on the hernia site. Enough for me to feel confident that I can do my job without having to worry about the hernia so much. It honestly has made me feel free again, and for that I am grateful.

Charly A.Construction Worker

I couldn’t snowboard without it!

Jeremy B.

This is by far the most comfortable, supportive hernia belt I have tried. I’m not sure how I ever managed without it.

Doug S.

It seems to fit really well. It also seems to give well placed support…….it is not restrictive, actually is comfortable, and it seems to do its job quite well.

Terry P.

Meet The Founder

The Comfort-Truss hernia belt was designed by George Hirst, an avid surfer, fisherman, volunteer firefighter, and extremely active individual from coastal Central Florida who developed an inguinal hernia in his late thirties. Living the beach lifestyle means that you’re wearing a pair of surf trunks and flip flops as the daily attire, and half the time with no shirt. With the hernia belts that were available before the Comfort-Truss, there were no comfortable options for an active person who is always in and out of the water. All the products on the market were usually very uncomfortable, with heavy straps and elastic, and bulky pads that are supposed to put pressure on the hernia itself, but actually cause pain instead. Most would fit high around the waist, and could be seen sticking out of the top of your waistband once you take your shirt off.  And that was just on land. Once you got in the water and took a couple waves on the head, these other hernia belts would be everywhere except where you need it to be. During any type of physical activity they were more of a hinderance than anything.

With the Comfort-Truss this all changes. The simplicity in design means there is absolutely no chaffing. The flat flexible pads on the front do not get in the way whether you are laying on a surfboard, or sitting at your desk. It sits low around the waist, and is completely stealth when you take your shirt off. It is super flexible and form fitting so that it moves fluidly with your body motion. If you have worn any of the other types of hernia trusses that are out there, you will never want to go back to them. Once you try the Comfort-Truss, you will be amazed at how truly comfortable it is, and how easily it goes from land to sea and anywhere in between.

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