Comfort-Truss Warranty

​Comfort-Truss carries a warranty covering materials and workmanship for 30 days from the date the product was received.
This warranty covers one free replacement in the event of the following:

  • Any defects in materials used in the manufacture of the products.
    • Example of what is covered:
      • Product was shipped with damaged fabric, loose threads, or components were sewn in the wrong place
    • Example of what is not covered: 
      • Product was damaged from not following care instructions 
      • Product was damaged due to modification by the user such as cutting, sewing, or modifying the product in any way
  • Quality defects under normal use, excluding general wear and tear or aging. We make a priority of choosing materials that will stand up to daily use of our products, and have chosen the highest grade of Velcro fasteners on the market, but over time all Velcro eventually fails as part of its normal life cycle. Therefore worn out velcro falls within general wear and tear if after the 30 day period.
    • Covered examples include broken or damaged components under normal use. 
    • Not covered are broken or damaged components due to overstretching, overtightening, or application outside of the advisement of Comfort-Truss.

If you feel you have a valid warranty claim please email us at and we will guide you on determining eligibility, and how to proceed with sending back the item(s).

Once your item(s) is received, we will send you an exact replacement of the item(s).

Any warranty claim attempted that exceeds the 30-day cutoff will not be honored. Any received items will be discarded and no credit will be given.