So, you have an inguinal hernia. Bummer

Does it feel like everything you could do before is now impossible, because with every move you make you’re afraid that you‘re going to blow it out?

Did your doctor tell you that the only way to treat it is with surgery? Or did he prescribe “watchful waiting” which means that he wants you to do nothing to see if it get’s any worse over time? It will.  

Is your hernia debilitating both mentally and physically? It doesn’t have to be. You’ve already found the best hernia belt on the market which should help you manage your hernia throughout the day….

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When you take the Comfort-Truss off at night,
you’re still going to have that lump.

Maybe your hernia causes you pain, or maybe just a feeling of pressure.

You might not even know how you got it. Was it from lifting that huge dresser last fall when you moved?

Was it from swinging a golf club? Was it from throwing your kids up in the air on the trampoline? Was if from having to lift heavy boxes all day for work?

Or was it from pushing too hard on the toilet because you were constipated, just like most other people who end up with inguinal hernias?

Maybe you felt it happen, and knew right away, or maybe you just looked down in the shower and saw a lump in your groin one day (like me).

It’s so hard to know sometimes.

It Sucks!!!

Having a hernia robs you of your confidence. It makes you feel like less of a man (or woman). It can be debilitating both mentally and physically and drive you toward depression.

Do you feel like you have no one to talk to because to say you have a hernia makes you feel inadequate and like you have a weakness that feels embarrassing?

Do you not want your husband or wife to see you naked anymore because you’re embarrassed about the lump poking out?

Most likely you were a confident and active person before this damn lump showed up, and now you’ve been taking it easy because you don’t want to do anything to aggravate it any further.

So now instead of going for a run, do you stay inside and watch netflix? Instead of going to play golf this weekend, will you just hang around the house? Instead of going to surf, play tennis, extreme frisbee, or whatever it is that you do to recharge your batteries and keep yourself in shape, will you just not do anything?

You’re scared….

You’ve probably done the research and have seen that a strangulated hernia can be deadly. You’ve most likely read that surgery is the only way to treat a hernia, but, if you’re anything like me, you don’t want anything to do with having a scalpel anywhere near your groin.

Have you had friends and family who tell you “just get the surgery”, as if they know what’s best for you? Do they keep pushing and pushing, telling you you’re being ridiculous about this, but for some reason, you just have this feeling deep down that there has to be another way?

I’m sure you’ve heard horror stories of hernia surgeries gone wrong with mesh recalls, hernia reoccurrences, post operative pain syndrome, nerve damage, and other debilitating side effects, and like me, you probably don’t want any part of it.

You may have even been to the doctor already, and have been prescribed “watchful waiting”, which is basically just sitting around doing nothing about the hernia until it eventually gets bad enough to need surgery.

So what do you do?

You sit and do research for hours and hours, feeling depressed, frustrated, and hopeless because you can’t find the answers you’re looking for about how you can get on with your life without eventually having to get cut open.

There’s too much conflicting information.

Is the hernia caused by a tear in the fascia, or is the fascia just stretched?

If it is a tear, can the fascia heal back together again?

Is it genetic?

Can I strengthen my ab muscles in order to hold the hernia in?

Do I need to stop eating meat? Do I need to eat more meat? Do I need to hang upside down to take the pressure off? Should I ice it?

Does any of this sound familiar? It get’s ridiculous trying to sort out all of the information that’s out there. It’s confusing, and frustrating.

And all the while you sit, scared to do anything in fear of blowing the hernia out.

Everything you find tells you that there is no other option except for surgery or watchful waiting.

The medical establishment is wrong!

Just like you, I didn’t want surgery either. I knew deep down in my soul that there had to be another way to deal with a hernia.

I wasn’t willing to wait around and do nothing until I eventually needed surgery. I was on a mission to heal my hernia naturally, without surgery.

So I went to work to figure out the root cause of a hernia.

I started a blog to chronicle my entire hernia healing journey, and started posting videos on youtube about my mission. It took me over four years of trial and error, and talking to thousands of people who also suffer from inguinal hernias to realized that there are 5 common problems between all of us.

Once I figured out the five commonalities which are the root causes, I was able to put a plan in place to combat the hernia which has allowed my hernia to go from the size of two golf balls that would poke out as soon as I got out of bed in the morning, to nothing at all.

I now call this plan “The Proactive Approach to Hernia Intervention”, and I want to share it with you..

The Proactive Approach To Hernia Intervention

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This non-surgical hernia treatment program is the only one of its kind. Learn from George (Comfort-Truss Founder) as he shows you everything he has learned about the root causes of a hernia, and exactly how he was able to correct those root causes to make his hernia go from the size of two golf balls to having no lump and no hernia symptoms.

What's Included?

28 Videos

Easy to follow video instruction for every exercise and activity

16 Text Sections

Hernia healthy nutrition information


Nine month downloadable activity schedule

9 Modules

Every day hernia management tips

Chat With George
30 Minute chat session
Just have a few questions, and not ready to commit to the entire program? Get direct access to George for any questions you might have
Worst case scenario

You end up going through this program and giving it 100% of your effort.  At the end, even if you still have a hernia, you should still come out on the other side with: 

A hernia that is much more manageableNice abs and a strong coreA clean diet that makes you feel less bloated, less gassy, and more healthyMore flexibility than you’ve probably ever hadLess stressBetter postureLess pain in your body overallA better understanding of exactly what is going on inside in your body that is causing the herniaNo lifelong side effects

I’m thinking just the nice abs alone are probably worth the price of the program 😉

The fact is…

That even if you still have a lump after you finish the program, and you end up getting surgery, you will have gotten your body and the whole area where the hernia is in much better shape, and in a much better condition to heal faster from the trauma that surgery causes. 

Don’t you think it’s at least worth a try before you go get cut on?

What People Are Saying

I had my doubts at first but i can’t believe this actually works!!! My hernia was the size of a small lemon and now its the size of a pea and still shrinking!!! I can be way more active, i can even still dance now with any pain or aggravation. Thank you sooo much for this man!!!

Allocai Juwell

I suggest everyone to follow George’s hernia managing plan cause i believe it works. I would like to emphasize in the fact that we should listen to our body, be mindful when doing the breathing and excercises, watch our stress levels, and be consistent and patient.

Maan D.

I’ve been wearing a belt and doing this for about 3 weeks and I’m already seeing improvement!


Listen To George. He knows what he’s talking about.

Walter D.
Everything that I feel is important to proactively treat a hernia is in this program.


I do not know if you can 100% heal your hernia naturally by following this program. I am simply showing what I have done, and works for me. I have talked to many people who have been making good progress with their hernias by following the strategy I’m showing, but I feel that it would be misleading to say that everyone that does this will heal their hernia naturally.

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