Founder of Comfort-Truss Hernia Belts
George Hirst

In my late thirties, I developed an inguinal hernia. Being an all-natural type guy, I really didn't want to get surgery, which according to the medical establishment, is the only way to fix a hernia. Instead, I decided I would come up with a way to heal the hernia naturally and document my journey in my blog so that if I was successful, others could see exactly what I did and possibly do the same for themselves.

Before I could do anything, I needed a way to hold in the lump that was protruding from my groin area. With the hernia poking out all the time, I couldn't do anything with confidence the way I used to because I was afraid that the hernia was going to blow out and become an emergency situation. On the other hand, I was just not willing to give up doing all the things I love to do. If I wanted to heal the hernia on my own, I had to figure out a way to hold the hernia in comfortably at all times, no matter what I was doing, so that I could live my life like I didn't have a hernia.

The Problem

I bought every hernia belt on the market and tried to make each one work, but they were all terrible. They were made with big thick elastic straps, metal buckles, and hard convex-shaped pads that would dig into the hernia and cause pain. I couldn't wear most of them for more than an hour without wanting to rip them off. On top of that, they were an embarrassment because they stuck up from the waistband of my surf trunks and made me look like I was wearing a diaper.

I was embarrassed to get undressed in front of my wife – it was a real confidence killer. So I got to work designing a solution for myself. I already knew exactly what I needed. It would have to be:


Constructed from a single piece of breathable neoprene with a rash-proof nylon/spandex inner layer. No other hernia belt on the market even comes close.


No thick elastic bands, no metal buckles or loops, no bulky padding. Just smooth, thin, buttery fabric and a flat, flexible pad that conforms to your body’s every move.


Designed to be worn directly against the skin under your underwear, surf trunks or workout gear and no one will ever know it’s there.


Comfortable to wear with any activity. Your skin will not feel hot under the fabric even when wearing the belt all day long on the hottest days.


Gentle, constant pressure provides instant relief of your hernia symptoms, and gives you the confidence to continue living your life while doing the things you love.


Designed by an avid surfer and all-around active person so that it stays where it’s supposed to — in or out of the water.


Don’t stress about embarrassing airport security issues. There are no metal buckles or loops which makes the Comfort-Truss undetectable to airport security.


Comes with a removable 1/4" thick pad that can be swapped out with an optional 3/8" or 1/2" pad sold separately for a more customized fit.

Fully adjustable

The entire outside layer of fabric is the loop side (fuzzy side) of the velcro, which means you can stick the waist and leg straps on anywhere you want for literally unlimited adjustability.

The Action

With all that in mind, I got to work figuring out a design that would tick all these boxes, and what I came up with absolutely blew me away. It worked so well that I would completely forget I was wearing it most days.

I researched the number of people who suffer from hernias (1/4 of all men in the world) and quickly realized that I could not possibly be the only person in the world looking for a solution to this problem. I decided that I would set up manufacturing and offer my hernia belt for sale to others who might be in the same position. I called my creation the Comfort-Truss.

The Solution

Since then, we've sold tens of thousands of them to active people worldwide looking for a way to manage their hernia while living their life to the fullest. They might be pre-surgery, post-surgery or trying to heal their hernia naturally without surgery.

Whatever your personal journey may entail, there's one thing you can be sure of. Once you try the Comfort-Truss, you'll never want to go back to other types of hernia trusses. You will be amazed at how truly comfortable it is and how easily it goes from land to sea and anywhere in between.

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