The Proactive Approach To Hernia Intervention Program

So, you have an inguinal hernia. Bummer

Does it feel like everything you could do before is now impossible, because with every move you make you’re afraid that you ‘re going to blow it out?

Did your doctor tell you that the only way to treat it is with surgery? Or did he prescribe “watchful waiting” which means that he wants you to do nothing to see if it get’s any worse over time?

It will.  

Is your hernia debilitating both mentally and physically? It doesn’t have to be. You’ve already found the best hernia belt on the market which should help you manage your hernia throughout the day….

But the truth is……

 Already Enrolled?

when you take the Comfort-Truss off at night, you’re still going to have that lump.

Maybe your hernia causes you pain, or maybe just a feeling of pressure. You might not even know how you got it. Was it from lifting that huge dresser last fall when you moved?

Was it from swinging a golf club? Was it from throwing your kids up in the air on the trampoline? Was if from having to lift heavy boxes all day for work?

Or was it from pushing too hard on the toilet because you were constipated, just like most other people who end up with inguinal hernias?

Maybe you felt it happen, and knew right away, or maybe you just looked down in the shower and saw a lump in your groin one day (like me).

It’s so hard to know sometimes.

But there’s one thing you do know…..

It Sucks!!!

Having a hernia robs you of your confidence. It makes you feel like less of a man (or woman). It can be debilitating both mentally and physically and drive you toward depression.

Do you feel like you have no one to talk to because to say you have a hernia makes you feel inadequate and like you have a weakness that feels embarrassing?

Do you not want your husband or wife to see you naked anymore because you’re embarrassed about the lump poking out?

Most likely you were a confident and active person before this damn lump showed up, and now you’ve been taking it easy because you don’t want to do anything to aggravate it any further.

So now instead of going for a run, do you stay inside and watch netflix? Instead of going to play golf this weekend, will you just hang around the house? Instead of going to surf, play tennis, extreme frisbee, or whatever it is that you do to recharge your batteries and keep yourself in shape, will you just not do anything?


Because you’re scared….

You’ve probably done the research and have seen that a strangulated hernia can be deadly. You’ve most likely read that surgery is the only way to treat a hernia, but, if you’re anything like me, you don’t want anything to do with having a scalpel anywhere near your groin.

Have you had friends and family who tell you “just get the surgery”, as if they know what’s best for you? Do they keep pushing and pushing, telling you you’re being ridiculous about this, but for some reason, you just have this feeling deep down that there has to be another way?

I’m sure you’ve heard horror stories of hernia surgeries gone wrong with mesh recalls, hernia reoccurrences, post operative pain syndrome, nerve damage, and other debilitating side effects, and like me, you probably don’t want any part of it.

You may have even been to the doctor already, and have been prescribed “watchful waiting”, which is basically just sitting around doing nothing about the hernia until it eventually gets bad enough to need surgery.

So what do you do?

You sit and do research for hours and hours, feeling depressed, frustrated, and hopeless because you can’t find the answers you’re looking for about how you can get on with your life without eventually having to get cut open.

There’s too much conflicting information.

Is the hernia caused by a tear in the fascia, or is the fascia just stretched?

If it is a tear, can the fascia heal back together again?

Is it genetic?

Can I strengthen my ab muscles in order to hold the hernia in?

Do I need to stop eating meat? Do I need to eat more meat? Do I need to hang upside down to take the pressure off? Should I ice it?

Does any of this sound familiar? It get’s ridiculous trying to sort out all of the information that’s out there. It’s confusing, and frustrating.

And all the while you sit, scared to do anything in fear of blowing the hernia out.

Everything you find tells you that there is no other option except for surgery or watchful waiting.

Here's the Thing:

The medical establishment is wrong!

Just like you, I didn’t want surgery either. I knew deep down in my soul that there had to be another way to deal with a hernia.

I wasn’t willing to wait around and do nothing until I eventually needed surgery. I was on a mission to heal my hernia naturally, without surgery.

So I went to work to figure out the root cause of a hernia.

I started a blog to chronicle my entire hernia healing journey, and started posting videos on youtube about my mission. It took me over four years of trial and error, and talking to thousands of people who also suffer from inguinal hernias to realized that there are 5 common problems between all of us.

Once I figured out the five commonalities which are the root causes, I was able to put a plan in place to combat the hernia which has allowed my hernia to go from the size of two golf balls that would poke out as soon as I got out of bed in the morning, to nothing at all.

Showing my hernia before being the size of two golf balls and going to no lumpI now call this plan “The Proactive Approach to Hernia Intervention”, and I want to share it with you..

What's Included?

28 Videos

16 Text Sections


9 Modules

Easy to follow video instruction for every exercise and activity

Download the videos and watch them from your device even without an internet connection.

Inguinal Hernia Workout Routine
Nine month activity schedule for hernia workout

Nine month downloadable activity schedule

I provide a downloadable daily activity schedule showing everything I’ve done, and how I did it for a full nine months. 

Nine month downloadable activity schedule

I provide a downloadable daily activity schedule showing everything I’ve done, and how I did it for a full nine months. 

Nine month activity schedule for hernia workout

Hernia healthy nutrition information

I’ll show you the diet that works for me, plus you will see hernia healthy diet information written by a certified nutritionist with information on how to create a diet for yourself that does not cause intestinal swelling, bloating, gas, or constipation, but allows the nutrients necessary to rebuild tissue in the body.

Hernia Nutrition Advice given by a certified nutritionist
Techniques for everyday hernia management

Every day hernia management tips

While I was putting myself through this program, I had to figure out a way to get through the day without the hernia being on my mind every minute. I’ll show you the six most important things I did in order to accomplish this.

Every day hernia management tips

While I was putting myself through this program, I had to figure out a way to get through the day without the hernia being on my mind every minute. I’ll show you the six most important things I did in order to accomplish this.

Techniques for everyday hernia management

Beautiful interface makes it easy to track your progress

Use the program on a desktop, mobile, tablet, or phone with a beautiful interface with an “app” like feel.

What I'm Going To Show You

I’m going to show you everything I have learned over the past five years about the root causes of a hernia.

I’ll show you exactly how I was able to correct those root causes in order to make my hernia go from the size of two golf balls which I could not hold in on my own and would pop out as soon as I got out of bed, to having no lump at all.

There’s no B.S. in this program.  I will only show you what worked, and do it in a streamlined, easy to follow way. 

How would it feel to have the confidence to no longer have to wear a hernia belt every day?


Not have to worry about having to take time off from work or from your favorite hobbies to get surgery done?

Imagine going to the gym, or the golf course, or going for a run, and not having to think about the hernia every second of the time you’re doing your favorite activities.

How about having the confidence to get undressed in front of your wife or husband without feeling self conscious? 

How nice would it be if there were no need for any more embarrassing “hand in the pocket” hernia adjustments?!

Man adjusting inguinal hernia trying to get it to reduce

How much would all this be worth to you?

Seeing as how hernia surgery (which is not guaranteed to work, and comes with the possibility of life long side effects) is anywhere between $4500-$9000 depending on where you are and what method of surgery you choose, would you say it’s worth $1000?

I know a few years ago, when my hernia was bad, I would have paid double that if someone could’ve shown me exactly what they did to get their hernia to go away in an easy to understand, streamlined way, with a schedule to follow, and dietary guidelines to make it super easy.

It would’ve been a no-brainer.

But I’m not asking you to pay $2000.

I’m not even asking you to pay $1000.

What People Are Saying

Real comments from other hernia sufferers like you

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Program Options

There are three levels of the program available based on the amount of support you would like:

Access to these programs will close from to time to time so that I can focus my attention on a small group of people at a time! If not presently available “Add To Cart” button will not work.

Bronze Program Package

The Online Program + Community

$197 includes:

 Lifetime Program Access

Access to George Through Closed Private Community

Silver Program Package

The Online Program + Community + Support Package

$497 includes:

 Lifetime Program Access

Access to George Through Closed Private Community

One 30 Minute Video Chat Session Per Month With George (9 Month Max)

Gold Package

Total Program Package + Pro Support

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 Lifetime Program Access

Access to George through Closed Private Community

Unlimited Email Support with George (9 month max)

One monthly 30 minute video call with George (9 month max)

Personalized Physical therapy plan developed with a certified P.T. to address your specific situation

One monthly 30 minute video call with certified physical therapist to keep you on track (9 Month Max)

Personalized diet plan developed with a certified nutritionist to create a unique diet plan just for you

One monthly 30 minute video call with our certified nutritionist to keep you on track (9 Month Max)

Other Options

A la carte menu items:

Chat With George

30 Minute chat session


Get direct access to George for any questions you might have

Chat by video Conference call or by phone

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Let’s look at the worst case scenario:

You end up going through this program and giving it 100% of your effort.  At the end, even if you still have a hernia, you should still come out on the other side with: 

  • A hernia that is much more manageable 
  • Nice abs and a strong core
  • A clean diet that makes you feel less bloated, less gassy, and more healthy
  • More flexibility than you’ve probably ever had
  • Less stress
  • Better posture
  • Less pain in your body overall
  • A better understanding of exactly what is going on inside in your body that is causing the hernia
  • No lifelong side effects

I’m thinking just the nice abs alone are probably worth the price of the program 😉

The fact is…

That even if you still have a lump after you finish the program, and you end up getting surgery, you will have gotten your body and the whole area where the hernia is in much better shape, and in a much better condition to heal faster from the trauma that surgery causes. 

Don’t you think it’s at least worth a try before you go get cut on?

The Team

George Hirst Profile Pic

George Hirst

My goal is to teach you everything I have learned, and have done to make a positive impact on my hernia to get to a point where I no longer have to where a hernia belt every day, and can go about my life as if I don’t have a hernia. I am not a professional trainer or a doctor. I’m just a guy who decided that hernia surgery or “watchful waiting” was out of the question, and didn’t stop trying until I found a solution to my problem. I hope that one day this program will be given to people all over the world  in place of surgery or watchful waiting for those that are looking for a natural alternative.

Maria C. Certified Hernia Nutritionist

Certified Nutritionist BS, MNT

Maria Capecelatro

Her holistic approach to health focuses on nutrition, supplements, stress management, and lifestyle changes.  Maria holds a bachelor’s degree in Human Biology from Brown University, and a master’s degree in Nutrition Therapy from the Nutrition Therapy Institute.

Frequently Asked Questions

I do not know if you can 100% heal your hernia naturally by following this program. I am simply showing what I have done, and works for me. I have talked to many people who have been making good progress with their hernias by following the strategy I’m showing, but I feel that it would be misleading to say that everyone that does this will heal their hernia naturally.

No. Email support is only available for technical problems with the course such as trouble checking out, lost password etc, or questions regarding the Comfort-Truss. To receive answers to hernia related questions, you will have to ask them in the closed community, or be enrolled in either the Silver or Gold Packages, and ask them during chat sessions. There is also an A La Carte option to have a 30 minute chat session with me where you can ask any hernia questions you would like.

Yes! you can upgrade at any time. If you upgrade you will be charged the difference in the price between the the program you originally chose and the higher tier program you are moving into. For example if you choose the Bronze Program, and would like to upgrade to the Silver Program, you will be charged $300. Please contact support if you would like to upgrade. We will send you a link to an upgrade page which will allow you to checkout and pay the upgrade fee.

You will have lifetime access to all program content including any new additional information that might be added in the future. You will also have lifetime access to the closed private community. Chat sessions are not included in the program contents and will be limited based on which program level you purchase.

You will be emailed a link after you checkout that will take you to a student dashboard. From there, you will be able to access the program and community.

You will be sent an email once you checkout with two links to follow. One will be a link that takes you to your student dashboard to access the program and community. The second will be a calendar link to set up your chat sessions. For the A La Carte Chat sessions, you will be emailed a calendar link after you checkout to choose the date and time of the chat session.