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Are you a woman that’s been searching high and low for a hernia belt that you can wear without feeling like you are wearing a medieval torture device? Something that is form fitting, inconspicuous, comfortable, and supportive that you can wear all day, every day? Look no further. The Comfort Truss is the last hernia belt you will ever need.

It has been said that 1.9% of all females in the world will end up with an inguinal hernia. That is not a very big number when you compare it to the number of men (25%) who end up with inguinal hernias, but it is still a large number. Most hernia belts are manufactured with men in mind, but the Comfort-Truss works equally well for women as it does for men. See for yourself. This is what a few of our female customers have said:

Woman with hernia support truss

The Comfort-Truss is just that- COMFORTABLE! After wearing it for about 2 days, I don’t even notice that I have it on. This belt greatly reduces discomfort from my hernia. As a very active woman and mother, the Comfort-Truss is exactly what I needed. Thank you!!


I am a 70+ female, retired but pretty active. Like most females my favorite sport is shopping and my idea of a marathon is all day with my daughter at at least 3 shopping centers. Since getting the hernia while gardening, i have had to cut so many shopping sprees short as the pain from the hernia was just too much and I felt like I was encased in a medievil chastity belt from the other hernia belts I tried. There was one that was comfy but did not hold the hernia in. Yours came three days ago on Tuesday and today is Saturday and we gave it the the ultimate test. 8 hours of shopping, standing trying on stuff, and standing in lines with the Christmas crowds. No problem. Came home, ordered the 3 pack and now out to dinner. Thank you for giving me my life back. Surgery was out of the question. I do not like the 20% pain and redo odds especially as the odds of a female getting an inguinal hernia are 3% and I did not beat that. Anyway George bless you and happy holidaysI am sure your customers will be having a merrier Holiday season because of these wonderful belts.

Valerie D.

Lightweight yet extremely durable. It’s thin enough that no one will even know you’re wearing it but also looks so nice I wouldn’t even be embarrassed if someone did notice! Best belt on the market. You the man George!!!

Colleen R.

It’s really very comfortable once it’s broken in. Most of the time I forget I have it on. I would definitely buy this again.

Pamela S.