Hernia Support Truss For Hiking

Hernia Support Truss For Hiking

Are you looking for a hernia support truss for hiking? Are you thinking “How can I go hiking with a hernia?” Well, look no further! The comfort-truss hernia belt is designed with hiking in mind. Giving you the piece of mind to take a hike in the mountains, through the city, in the park, or on the beach, all without having to worry about your hernia popping out on you. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you can’t go hiking because of your hernia. That ends now. Give the comfort-truss hernia support for hiking a try, and stop allowing your hernia to rule your life. Start focusing on hiking again!


Why Comfort-Truss Hernia Support For Hiking?

You will not find a more low profile, thin, soft, comfortable, amphibious, form fitting, breathable, adjustable hernia belt that moves fluidly with your body on the market than the comfort-truss hernia support truss for hiking. It was designed by a hiker, and extremely active individual through trial and error while looking for an alternative to the big, cheap, bulky hernia belts that are on the market. It took two years of testing to make sure the Comfort-Truss would tick all of the boxes that were needed to make it work just as good for hiking as it does for any other activity.

Comfort-Truss is:

  • Comfortable. This was the most important since it is best when you are able to wear a hernia belt from the time you wake up, to the time you go to sleep.
  • Form Fitting. Because I live on the beach, it was important for me to be able to wear the hernia belt, and have it not have it be seen by anyone, even if I was only wearing a pair of surf trunks.
  • Low Profile. It had to sit low around the waist for the same reasons as above.
  • Simple. No metal buckles, no buttons, no B.S. Easy to adjust, and easy to take off.
  • Breathable. It had to be able to be worn all day without feeling hot on the skin.
  • Amphibious. It had to be able to go from land to sea and anywhere in between.
  • Supportive. Of course, what good is a hernia truss if it’s
    not supportive? No good at all. We had to make sure that sufficient support was at the top of the list.
  • Stretchy. It had to feel like it was moving with your body, and not restrictive in any way.
  • Adjustable. You need to be able to adjust how much tension you want on the hernia at any given time. When your heading out for a hike, tighten it up. When your working at your desk, loosen it up a bit. The hook and loop adjustability makes it super easy.

So next time you’re heading out hiking, grab the Comfort-Truss hernia support for fishermen, and have fun. Don’t let your hernia ruin your life. You can manage your inguinal hernia with the Comfort-Truss. I do every day!

What else is the Comfort-Truss good for?

In addition to being good for fishing, it’s also good for walking, running, jogging, surfing, and any other activity on land or in the water.

Any questions? Contact us!

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